Middle school

Enjoy burdick school gets worse.


High School

For any middle school students: It gets worse.

Not my last post

Most of my classmates are writing a post about how sad they are to leave Burdick and others about how ecstatic they are that they’ll never have to see some of these people again. I will miss everyone at least a tiny bit. This school year really hasn’t been different than any of other school years. I don’t have much to say, Theres no way I’m definitely  saying some sad things because I’m not sad. The only thing that is happening this summer that is exciting is that I’m going to the Junior Olympics in Texas on the 27th. Sorry this post is so short. Bye.

Story Time!

Hey! I’m running low on ideas about what to blog, so I figured this will be enough. Again, most of the really entertaining stories I have should never be told, but there are a few that should be appropriate. So I go to Mexico almost every year, there have been only a handful of years that my family and I didn’t go. We go to my mother’s town. It’s called Carretas. Carretas is the kind of place where everyone knows each other, it also serves as like a stop when traveling town to town. Anyway, I think its every 4 years that we have to move a statute from our town to the next, and this time I decided to go with my friends, lets call them Coyote and Mori. Coyote, Mori and leave at around 11 am because the actual ceremony starts at 5. It takes about 4 hours to get there. The terrain we are marching through is very rural. Theres small ponds everywhere, if you shoes aren’t tight enough when you step in mud it might come out, grass and farms everywhere. Get the idea? We jump into EVERY pond we see and just sit for a while, then get up and continue. Then we balanced on a pipe to get across, but I fell and cut my leg really bad. So yeah, I was swimming in muddy water with a cut, pretty good idea if I do say so myself. But thats about it. Next post I’m going to write about my favorite shows.

Story Time!

I have  many funny stories to tell, the thing is that many of the things are too strange, break a rule, or a law probably. It amazes me how Josh and I only got in trouble 2 times. Never mind. I sat at my desk pondering and searching my mind for a good story that won’t get me in trouble if I told it. That really sucks because, I love talking, telling jokes, and sharing stories. WAIT! I just thought of a story, I’m not sure if I would get in trouble for sharing it though. Eh it’s worth it. So, me and my best friend at the time, Josh, just came back from the library. Now my school is about the same size as Burdick, but it focuses on just middle schoolers, no little kids. Anyway, we got done checking books out on our own free time. We were allowed during advisory (Intervention/Homeroom  Time) to basically wander the halls, talk, go to the restroom etc. Josh got a book mark from the library that showed a frame of a cinderella movie I think, I’ve never really watched disney movies, that showed her clothes ripped, covered in mud, and with a weird look on her face. When we get back to class, he starts laughing, and while he’s laughing the teacher comes up next to him. Now, I don’t know how Josh couldn’t hear her and also I know that 97% Josh is laughing it’s because of something inappropriate. So I started PRAYING, I’m not very religious, that Josh didn’t say something that would get him or me in trouble. He shows me the photo and yells,”DUDE! I got the one where she looks like a WHORE!” Instantly I burst laughing and fall onto the floor crying because for some reason I forgot, thought it was hilarious. Then Josh proceeds to join me on the floor laughing. While all this is happening the teacher takes a moment to think what to say all she says in a irritated voice is ,”HEY! That’s my favorite disney princess!” I continue to laugh, but Josh is so scared that he gets really quiet, his face turns red like a tomato and whispers,”Sorry.” That was the last time he sayed something that could get him in trouble without looking for where the teachers are.

#ripcod (Disscuison) + Jokes

So one of my favorite game series is dying. Any guesses? It’s Call of duty. The death of cod started in 2013, when ghosts came out. Ghosts was just very disappointing in general, the guns looked weird, the graphics were bad, and the kill time was just to fast. This left the cod community angry and wanting a new and better cod sequel next year. Then Advanced Warfare came out the following year, it was very controversial topic because it brought some new ideas and features into the game. Exo-Movement was introduced and so were futuristic maps, weapons, and armor. Some people liked this and others just quit cod after that. But the biggest thing that made players mad, were all the micro transactions. AW had “supply drops”that allowed players to get better versions of weapons. Many thought that this made cod pay to win. And in many ways it was. After AW, Black Ops 3 was next. The community was expecting for Activision to learn that we didn’t, or at least most of us, didn’t like the new things they added. But instead, Treyarch became the lead designer for the game and just kept the disliked movement mechanics and put us even more forward into the future. To be exact its set in 2065, if I was being realistic there is no possible way that we would be that technology advanced. But the best thing was that they brought back supply drops, I was never the person to buy those kind of things, because I know that next year a new game will be released and I will most likely never play this game again. Then theres Infinite Warfare. Poor Infinite Warfare, it’s trailer is the 4th most disliked video on youtube and the most disliked gaming video. I think the game looks great, it reminds me a lot of destiny. If you don’t know destiny is one of my favorite games. Many people at burdick have it for ps4. The reason why it has so many dislikes is because of the Battlefield community, and it has also just become a video to dislike. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Do you think cod is dying or is it already dead?



I wanted to make jokes about call of duty… but there are infinite of them.

Those Poor Birds

My 3rd grade teacher told me that “stuff,” should never be used unless talking about the stuffing in food. Oh well. I only have a few memories of my Elementary School and one is when the bird nests in a gigantic wooden container with plastic windows, just started falling with the eggs in them. I was crying for the poor birds, to this day I still think that my pal Victor had something to do with it.  Anyways I was asked to step inside the container and help pick up the nest with now lifeless eggs in them. There was no reason to tell this story but I hope you had a laugh.